Almighty Tallest Purple is the co-ruler of the Irken Empire alongside Almighty Tallest Red. He and Red are the tallest Irkens currently alive, thus giving them absolute control over all aspects of the Irken race. There are two Tallest, but Purple is better described as the "comedic relief" of the duo. He does not work as hard as Red, but arguably has better lines in the show. Along with Red, he has the ability to levitate by use of technology known merely as 'Hover Belts' and an addiction to junk food. Purple, as stated above, is the more comical of the two current Tallest. He's shown to be less capable than Red in Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars, choosing to panic instead of taking control of the situation. Both are shown to be very lazy and petty, however, and enjoy snacking and generally ruling all of Irk. Purple is also shown to be generally more impulsive and less tolerant of Zim and his shenanigans. He is frequently antagonized by Red, but seems to be more or less tolerant of Red's frequent bullying. Poor Purple is like a punching bag for the dominant Red more often then not.

Almighty Tallest Miyuki
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