Almighty Tallest Red is the co-ruler of the mighty Irken Empire alongside Almighty Tallest Purple. As their title suggests, Red and Purple oversee and dominate their species as they spread their reign across the universe. Although they are nearly identical in appearance, however, Tallest Red is shown to be far more competent than Purple, often choosing to take matters into his own hands rather than rely on his crew. When there is a crisis, Tallest Red is the most likely of the two to solve it. In terms of authority, however, both Red and Purple are little more than figureheads. The Control Brains hold all the real power; even they must accept their rulings. Red is considered the more serious and capable half of the Tallests. In Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars, he's shown to try and take control of the problem, whereas Purple opts to panic. He and Purple enjoy many of the same things; like eating snacks,tormenting others, watching puppet shows and ruling the Irken Empire. Red is generally more tolerant of Zim's shenanigans than Purple is, and is also more independent than Purple. Red is the more dominant of the two Irken leaders, and frequently bullies Purple, who, for the most part, doesn't fight back.

Almighty Tallest Spork
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