Almondine is a barn owl, with dark brown hair. She is practical and sensible, but dosn't have much sense of fashion or what is considered "pretty". Almondine has dark brown hair and large glasses. She wears a Acorn Flats' uniform with a pink vest, dark blue hat and light brown shoes. It is known that she loves mathematics, and she also enjoys theater. Her favorite actor is Rock Buckskin, and she feels that his latest flop, "Caribbean Caribou Two: Back in Action" really had no plot. She is the only Squirrel Scout whose a member of the Rock Buckskin Fan Club, of which is led by Jane Doe. At times she is seen to be quite dull or creepy, though she generally just enjoys being a commily secretary or assistant for Patsy, Jane Doe or any more major Squirrel Scout character.


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