The Barnyard Dawg is a basset hound, who's job is to protect the farm chickens from The Weasel, he is the archenemy of Foghorn Leghorn. Dawg is usually seen sleeping in his kennel at a cartoon's beginning, with Foghorn provoking him by slapping his hindquarters with a wooden fencepost, setting the stage for Dawg to seek vengeance, often by manipulating Henery Hawk, or various other insane characters. Dawg uses ploy's, trickory and accesivly violent traps to win against his foe's. In his cartoons he generally gose up against Foghorn Leghorn, but has also gone against Daffy Duck, and The Goofy Gophers. In all his cartoons Dawg tends to maintain about a 40% win ratio. The Barnyard Dawg and Foghorn Leghorn are very much entangled in a prolonged, revenge based prank war, usually seen by Foghorn initially provoking him then retreating to the (very claerly marked) rope limit. Although Dawg is normally portrayed as the straight man for Foghorn's pranks, he is often portrayed in a very negative light, as he resorts to accessive violence, tricks others usuing lies and decite, and on one occasion steals an ostrich egg (he justifies this by explaining that it's been kind of dull round the farm lately, giving reference to his four year peace between him and Foghorn), he mocks the hatched ostrich, which Foghorn has adopted, and cheats in a boxing match with the rooster.

The Barnyard Dawg

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