Birdy and the Beast is a 1944 cartoon starring Tweety and a Cat. Directed by Robert Clampett.


A fat cats attempts to capture Tweety so he can eat him, but instead finds a dozen eggs and gasoline in his mouth.

Tweety is sitting in his nest, when a cat watches him. Tweety flies off and the cat chases after him. The cat doesn't have the ability to fly, so instead he falls to the ground, by chance he falls on a bulldog, who decides to help Tweety.

The cat attempts to chase Tweety, but Tweety scares him off. Tweety decides to fool the cat by hiding in the Bulldog's dish-bowl. The cat comes in and starts looking the Bulldog's dish. The Bulldog comes in and pounds the cat to the ground (As would be expected).

Tweety decides to wander into the Cat's mouth, while he is looking for Tweety. Tweety decides to light the cats tongue on fire by putting a match on it. As the cat runs, Tweety decides to help the cat by using a hose and putting the fire. When he fires the hose (Wearing a fireman hat) it turns out that it happens to be connected to a gas can, and gasoline goes into the Cat's mouth, causing him to explode.

The cat manages to survive, but he's still out to get Tweety. When he arrives at the top of tree, he becomes a nest. Tweety attempts to get into it, but a Hen causes him to get off, who is laying eggs. When she's finished, she fly's off. The cat also arrives and his mouth is fuel of nothing but eggs. His attempt to catch Tweety once again, fails when a grenade lands next to him, and accidently stuffs it in his mouth. He blows up and Tweety says, "You know I lose more Putty Tat's that way!"

This is the only Tweety to be animated by Tom McKimson.

This is the first Tweety Cartoon to star Tweety, as the previous, was more centered around the two cats Babbit and Castello, then Tweety.


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