Bosko is the first Looney Tunes star, and first speaking cartoon character. He where's long white pants, black tap-shoes, player-gloves, a white shirt, black vest, and a derby hat. He speaks in a exaggerated falsetto voice. Bosko is an extremely talented showmen, with a steady girlfriend named Honey and a dog named Bruno. He is also sometimes accompanied by an orphan cat named Wilbur, whom is owned by Honey. Bosko has a crazy, spontanious and innovative personality. He loves his girlfriend Honey, and very often spends cartoons going on picnic dates with her. Bosko is a natural at singing, dancing, and playing any instrument he encounters. In fact, Bosko has the ability to play virtually anything as an instrument, be it a wooden bridge-turned-xylophone or a Dachshund-turned-accordion. Bosko's cartoons are notable for both their generally weak plots and their abundance of music, singing, and dancing. Both Bosko and Honey are exceptional Tap-Dancers. Some of their cartoons revolved around just them on stage, performing impressive song and dance routines, telling jokes, doing flawless impressions of celebrities, performing magic tricks, and playing instruments. Sometimes doing jaw-dropping routines where Bosko will somehow play 20 or more instruments at once. Exactly what Bosko and Honey are is unknown, but they are said to be "living globs of ink". Even though Bosko's a showmen, He did appear in a wide variety of roles, including big-game hunter, construction worker, hobo, Mountie, hot dog vendor, and World War I aviator -- and that is just in his first year!


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