Buttons is Mindy's heroic, yet very unlucky dog. He has orange and blonde fur, with a large, dark brown spot on his back, down his tail and behind his ears. Button's is described as being much like Lassie, the major difference being he gets in trouble instead of being seen as a hero. Mindy's mom always irresponsibly leaves Mindy unsupervised in the yard, when Mindy inevitably follows something out of the yard, it's up to Buttons to save her. Buttons follows Mindy wherever she goes trying desperately to keep her out of the danger she always gets into. He is very determined to keep Mindy safe, yet karma seems to seriously dislike him as he ends up unluckily falling into nearly all the dangers that he saves Mindy from. Buttons is often harmed by whatever danger Mindy narrowly avoids, and also seems to be just plain "accident prone". After barely succeeding at keeping Mindy safe, he always gets into trouble with Mindy's mom, often over some little thing that happened while saving Mindy. Buttons is often blamed for things he didn't do (usually done by Mindy) by Mindy's mother, as she is completely unaware that he just saved her daughters life nearly a dozen times. Buttons also has a tendency to scream like a chicken or a monkey upon seeing some "more extreme" dangers Mindy wanders into.

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