Kanker Sisters

Lee, Marie, and May are three sisters who serve as the main antagonists towards the cul-de-sac and its inhabitants.[3] Lee is the leader with curly red hair that covers her eyes, Marie has blue hair, and May is the buck-toothed blonde. They live in the nearby trailer park[3] called Park 'n' Flush. If there is one thing that all of the kids in the cul-de-sac can agree on, it's that they all hate the Kanker Sisters. While all the Kankers like the Eds,[3] it has been shown that May prefers Ed, Marie for Edd, and Lee for Eddy. May is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald (who also voices Nazz in seasons 2 and 4-6), except Season 3, when she was voiced by Jenn Forgie (who also voices Nazz in season 3), Marie is voiced by Kathleen Barr (who also voices Kevin), and Lee is voiced by Janyse Jaud (who also voices Sarah).

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