Cheese likes chocolate milk (although he is lactose intolerant) and is light yellow in color and somewhat human in physical structure in that he has a head, a torso, two arms, two legs, but with a disc-shaped head reminiscent of Pac-Man. His head is very large in proportion to his body, his left foot appears to be backwards when he stands in one times (screaming, moaning or laughing). When not paying attention to anything, his eyes are either crossed or looking in two different directions. His pupils are red in color, and one pupil is slightly larger than the other. When he talks, his mouth opens in two different ways: the way the mouth of everyone else in the show does or like a can lid opening. He was imagined by Mac's next-door neighbor, Louise. He has an assortment of disorders like mange, gingivitis, and dementia. Cheese likes a lot of things, including chocolate milk, potatoes, candies, games, and cereal. He also enjoys repeating the names of these items to everyone he meets. Cheese calls pretty much all liquids chocolate milk, so it can get confusing when he's asking for some drink other than chocolate milk. Another of his catchphrases could be his sucking in of breath followed by a deadpan "Okay". He is also known to sometimes announce "I pooted." As well, he is easily frightened by common objects such as cake, spiders, not having a spoon, and other assorted oddities. Whenever frustrated or frightened, he screams at ear-piercing tones, despite him loving chocolate milk, he is lactose intolerant (allergic to), and is therefore not allowed to have it. Cheese has called animals by other names. For example, he has called mice and Terrence "doggies", Mr. Herriman "kitty", and a dog "bunny". Cheese is probably the most random character in the show and most possibly, Cheese is THE most annoying character in the series.

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