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Chef McMuesli is Camp Kidney's billygoat cook. Originally Murray created McMuesli as the camp deacon; Cartoon Network discouraged religious elements, so McMuesli became the cook. McMuesli's name is based on Muesli, a health food, and this in turn references his cooking choices. Most of his food sits on the eccentric end of the health food menu, almost always including tofu and other vegan ingredients. McMuesli is clearly a Hippie as welll as a Vegan. He seems somewhat oblivious to the fact that campers hate his cooking and considers serving them "normal" camp food to be a punishment. McMuesli also confiscates all soda, candy, and all other junk food, and locks it in a steel safe in the cellar, guarded by a unnecessarily high-tech and sophisticated security system. Despite him being a peaceful hippie he has a tendency to get very aggrevated, especially when campers mock his food. However the thing that upsets him most is seeing campers eating Junk Food, usually reacting by chasing them off chanting one of his slogans, such as "soda is for losers".


Chef McMuseli
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