Claude Cat is a white, & yellow, cat with orange hair and a very anxious personality. He speaks in a quirky, strangulated voice similar to that of Marvin the Martian. Claude is a nervous and lazy animal, He attempts to protect his home from the mind-manipulative mice duo, Hubie and Bertie, but to no avail, his efforts prove futile as the rodents torment him by (among other things) putting aquariums in all the windows to make Claude think he's underwater, nailing his furniture to the ceiling, and even having him believe that he's dead. Claude is neurotic, being deathly afraid of becoming sick, to the point of excessively swallowing pills after getting in a slight draft, rambling on and on about all the unlikely ailments that may result. He is also scared out of his mind by a diminutive dog named Frisky Puppy, newly adopted by Claude's owners. Yet out of jealously Claude attempts to oust the intruder and repeatedly fails due to his intense cowardice - a running gag has Claude repeatedly shooting up and clinging to the ceiling after the pup playfully comes up behind him and barks in the form of a series of loud yelps, in a high register. Claude was also an antagonist to Marc Antony when he convinces his owner that Marc Antony is trying to eat the precious kitten Pussyfoot. Marc Antony is tossed out, allowing Claude the run of the house. That is, until Marc Antony outwits the cat and makes him sign a confession admitting to his crimes, after a brutal beating.

Claude Cat

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