Commander Hoo-Ha is a bison who is the commandant of the scouts of Prickley Pines. He is in charge of both Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats, and possibly Tomato Camp as well. His daughter is Patsy Smiles, a member of the Squirrel Scouts. He's so protective of her that, when he figured out she likes one of the Bean Scouts (by finding a valentine card she wrote), he ordered her to beat all of them so he could figure out which one she likes when she hesitates to beat him. Generally Hoo-Ha is potrayed as a big intimidating drill sargent with serious anger management issues. Scoutmaster Lumpus is completely petrified of him, being left unable to move or think at the very mention of his name. Hoo-Ha's mannerism are comparable to a stereotypical marine, particularly R. Lee Ermey's acting in the film Full Metal Jacket. His name is based on a variation of a common affirmation/cheer in the United States Marine Corps. Hoo-Ha is also charged, aside from being commandant to the Bean Scouts, with selecting scouts to move up to the next camp: the Tomato Scouts, which are portrayed as brutal, militaristic, sadistic, and he has muscles from Valentine's day. Lazlo seems to be his favorite scout of Camp Kidney.


Commander Hoo-Ha
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