Dizzy Devil is a young, purple male Tasmanian Devil with a yellow beanie, as well as one pink eye and one green eye. He will eat anything and speaks in slobbering, monosyllabic outbursts. Dizzy also often moves by spinning like a miniature tornado, often demolishing anything in his path. Dizzy has three human girlfriends, who like him because of his wild personality. Dizzy is a rowdy, hyperactive ball of fur and teeth. Born permanently hungry, Dizzy is always on the lookout for something to eat, be it a box of pizza rolls (his favorite food) or one of his classmates from Acme Loo. To Dizzy, most of the other animals are potential food sources. Dizzy also enjoys listening to rock music and watching television. Dizzy Devil is Acme Acres' resident party animal, always on the lookout for a happening gig to crash. The other toons know this and try to keep their parties a secret, but somehow Dizzy always finds out. Once there, he's the beast that won't leave, that one last annoying guest who's still blaring the stereo and dancing on the furniture long after the hosts have gone to bed. Dizzy loves having a good time, raising a racket and eating to excess. Turn-offs include Quiet Zones, watching calories, easy listening stations and wise-cracking rabbits who won't let Dizzy catch them. Although Dizzy is sometimes viewed as an annoyance or just a classmate to the other characters, there are times that he is the antagonist, whether by influence from Taz or just being in a mean-spirited mood. There are other instances, though, where he gets along with the other Tiny Toons, even shown as being friends with them.

Dizzy Devil
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