Duck! Rabbit! Duck! is a 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon, directed by Chuck Jones.


Daffy Duck is pulling out all signs out of trees that say it is "Duck Season" (just like Rabbit Fire) and tricking Elmer Fudd into thinking it's really Rabbit Season. After Daffy shows Elmer where Bugs Bunny lives, Elmer is about to shoot Bugs. After Bugs convinces him that he a Fricassee Rabbit and needs a license to be able to shoot, Elmer realizes he has no license. Daffy decides to make one for Elmer. Daffy can't make the license, though, seeing as he can't spell fricassee and ask Bugs for help (Bugs add the words "duck" in spelling fricassee) and Elmer ends up shooting Daffy. Each presentation of the sign was accompanied by a brass fanfare of a fox hunting call, and was, of course, followed by a gunshot. Bugs then puts on a duck disguise. Daffy sees him, but forgets himself and shouts "Shoot the duck!" to which Elmer obliges by shooting the nearest duck — Daffy. He finally goes completely insane and convinces Elmer that he is an elk, a fiddler crab, and many more animals. Bugs dresses as a Game Warden. Elmer asks Bugs what season it is. Bugs tells Elmer that is baseball season (Elmer runs after a baseball, shooting at it). Bugs asks Daffy what hunting season is it really. Daffy says it is really Duck season and hunters start shooting at Daffy, who crawls to Bugs saying "You're desthpicable!"


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