Ed is the strong, dimwitted workhorse of the Eds and one of the main protagonists of the Ed, Edd N Eddy series. He wears a red-and-white striped shirt, a green jacket with two white stripes on each sleeve (His jacket is often filled with rotting produce and/or old candy) and purple-blue jeans. His skin is yellow, unlike the other characters and he is known to laugh a lot and is happy most of the time. He has very short red hair, a light blue tongue, "horse teeth", one large dark Unibrow, turquoise eyes, and no chin. He is a fan of monster films and comic books, which he often confuses with reality. He also likes buttered toast, gravy (as the unused bathtub in his bedroom is filled with the latter), cereal (namely "Chunky Puffs"), pudding skin, chickens, and animals in general. Ed has amazing physical strength which is humorously worked into many of the show's plots. His mind is a subculture grab bag full of comics and monster movies, and he has the habit of shouting random remarks which have almost nothing to do with the current conversations. Ed (to the misfortune of many people) is utterly at the mercy of his tyrannical younger sister, Sarah, for whom he cares deeply, and is an easy target of her manipulations. Much to the dismay of mysophobic Edd, he has very poor personal hygiene, even to the point of being terrified of soap and liking the smell of sweaty boots. He cares deeply for the other two Eds. He is known to laugh a lot and is happy most of the time. He is very absent-minded and naive, making him the perfect candidate to help Eddy with his scams, as Ed hardly ever questions them. Even so, Ed never feels abused by Eddy.



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