Edd (whose real name is Edward, though commonly referred to as Double D) is a young inventor, neat freak and one of the main protagonists of the series. The most intelligent of the trio, he is never seen without his head covered in some manner, almost always by his trademark sock-like black ski hat, hiding a secret unknown to everyone besides Ed and Eddy, which they learned in the episode "Stop Look Ed," when Eddy tied Edd's hat to a ceiling fan, and when he tried to get to Eddy it came off of him; he quickly covered himself back up, telling them never to tell anyone what they saw. While there have been vast fan-based speculations on what is under the hat, nothing has been officially revealed by the show's creators. He also has a significant gap in his teeth, which he sometimes gets things stuck in, to his embarrassment (see "Key to My Ed"). Because of his moral center and good heart, he is typically more socially accepted by the other inhabitants of the cul-de-sac than Ed and Eddy are. His parents put a heavy workload on him, communicating an excess of tasks solely through a multitude of sticky notes. Edd hates being treated terribly by everyone and is easily frustrated. Edd is normally a straight-A student in all of his classes and hates sports (apparently because of an odd, never-discussed "dodgeball" incident). Edd is highly intelligent, ambidextrous (evident in "One+One=Ed"), and able to construct complicated machines from cardboard, signs, and various kinds of junk the Eds come across. His knowledge proves to be useful in many ways, and sets him apart from the other children of the cul-de-sac. Edd is the only Ed not to have another family member appear in the series (Sarah is Ed's sister and Eddy's brother appears in the movie). Like the other two Eds, Double D's personality was largely based upon show creator Danny Antonucci, who has said "there's my Edd side, neurotic, analytical, must be organised. Also if Eddy & Ed single D weren't around, Edd would be happy with his own company, something that works for me too." Antonucci has also explained that the habit of Edd's parents to communicate with him through sticky notes was based on a habit of his own parents. Copyright:,_Edd_n_Eddy_characters#Edd

Edd (Double D)

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