Eddy is the greedy, impatient, self-absorbed leader of the Eds and among the three main protagonists of the series; an easily-disgruntled, deceptive, selfish adolescent con artist who is ostracized by his peers for his countless feckless moneymaking scams, virtually all of which have ended badly or backfired. Eddy fancies himself as charming, manly, and good-looking, albeit he does not possess any of these qualities genuinely in reality and his attempts at trying to present himself as such are usually ignored or misguided. Because of the social rejection that he receives as a result of his self-absorption, he strives to earn respect from his peers or seem fashionable by decorating his bedroom in a retro, somewhat tacky style and take part in many trends, though he constantly fails. Eddy is willing to do anything in order to be promoted to social-acceptance regardless of the prices that must be paid in order for this wish to come true and often prioritizes money and material items over his friends or the feelings of those around him. The goal he attempts to achieve throughout the course of the series is earn the money to purchase some of the oversized gobstoppers sold at his local candy shop, albeit rarely does he ever manage to accomplish this mission and has only managed to buy jawbreakers for himself and his friends on a few occasions. Throughout the series, Eddy frequently brings up and gloats about his unseen, unnamed elder brother who has apparently made numerous accomplishments and had been formerly idolized by the neighborhood children, albeit in the series finale and television movie it was revealed that Eddy's brother was rather sadistic and cruel to his younger sibling and had never been what Eddy had passed him off as all along. It is also during the finale that Eddy reveals himself to be more of a tragic character than he'd ever seemed, maliciously abused by his peers and brother and had only tried to earn self-respect. Sympathetic for Eddy's woes, the Eds finally earn the social acceptance that they had been striving for the whole series. Copyright:,_Edd_n_Eddy_characters#Eddy


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