Eduardo is a muscular seven-foot tall (to his horns), 542-pound monster-like "guardian friend" and is one of the gentlest friends in the entire house, despite his menacing appearance. He resembles a mixture of a minotaur and beasts from Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are with his purple fur, horns, fangs, devil-like tail, and skull-shaped belt buckle. He speaks in third person much of the time. He commonly calls Bloo "Azul," or sometimes speaks Spanish phrases or words. Essentially, it can be considered that he speaks "Spanglish." Despite being a protector friend, he's a total coward, as noted in "House Of Bloo's" by Wilt that he wouldn't hurt a fly, because, as Eduardo pointed out, he's too scared of them. He has shown great strength when he is frightened too much, often involuntarily but effectively injuring whoever or whatever is scaring him. If there was any food he was to eat, it would be potatoes: he is commonly heard saying "I like potatoes." Eduardo was created by a young girl named Nina Valerosa , who grew up to be a police officer. She created Eduardo to scare off all the bullies in her dangerous neighborhood (which probably contributed to his menacing appearance, despite being in reality, the most affectionate member of the house). She also needed someone to care for her little brother and who liked doing girl things with her (such as brushing hair and playing with makeup). Eduardo also taught Nina how to be brave. She calls him her "adorable chicken" (in Spanish).

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