Fifi La Fume is an anthropomorphic skunk featured in Tiny Toon Adventures. She is a teenaged female variation of the Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew. Her fur is purple and white, as opposed to a normal skunk's black and white, and she keeps a ribbon tied to her hair which causes it to fall over one eye, giving her a sultry, coquettish look. She speaks with a heavy French accent with a few French words said now and then. She also has a massive tail, nearly twice the size of her own body, which is the source of her powerful odor. She uses her tail for a number of things, including a pillow, a pom-pom and a snare to capture potential boyfriends before they can get away. Fifi is French, and often speaks with French exclamations. She also, unfortunately, shares the same faults as her idol: intense skunk-odor, and an inability to take "no" for an answer when pursuing the romantic object of her choice. Unlike Pepe she in not limited to one character or to cats, she has chased nearly every male Tiny Toons character at one point or another. When she falls in love, she loses all self-control, and will not allow anything to stop her from literally capturing her prey. Her putrid stench is also powerful-enough to melt solid steel (much to the terror of the boys she chases). However, unlike Pepe, who reeks all the time, Fifi's musk only comes into play when she's in love, thus allowing her to interact with other characters when she is not the central focus of the story. It is also shown that her smell can be erased by tomato juice (a mythical skunk-stink cure that in reality doesn't work very well), but the effects are only temporary.

Fifi La Fume