Fred Fredburger is a tubby, green, short, hyperactive, elephant-like monster with stubby horns and a green devil tail. Fred is easily impressed, and lives with his 'mama'. Fred Fredburger has a very childish and innocent personality and is full of childlike wonderment. He is depicted as being generally idiotic, infantile, and harmless; he dwells on subjects such as his recent defecation or small facts about himself. He struggles to spell words as evident when he tries to spell his name and gets stuck on the G and R in Fredburger. Despite his childlike personality he is in fact old enough to be called to jury duty and his friend Jeff the Spider claims to be nearly 38. Fred has a strong liking for nachos and frozen yogurt, and things his mama makes him. Apparently his mother told him that babies grow on baby trees, showing that he is quite naive. He is quite easily amused and enjoys spelling his name and saying the word 'Yes'. He also loves TV shows about monkeys that go to camp, imaginary friends and he also loves imaginary monkeys. (Most likely referenceing Camp Lazlo and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, two other Cartoon Network shows.)

Fred Fredburger
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