GIR is the insane, hyperactive robotic assistant/sidekick of Zim, and the closest thing he has to a friend (having been constructed from scrap parts and given to Zim by the Almighty Tallest instead of a regular SIR (Standard-issue Information Retrieval unit). GIR is extremely hyperactive, and will eat just about anything, regardless of whether it's edible or not. Most of the time he spouts nonsense, but does have a few, short moments of clarity. GIR usually fools around when Zim gives an order, and resumes to what he was doing before after he completes the order (which is only done occasionally) or Zim leaves. Zim also describes GIR's intelligence as "bad"; indeed, the little robot is often one of the many reasons why Zim's plans frequently fail. Unlike Zim, GIR doesn't mind getting involved with typical Earth culture; in some episodes he even admits to loving Earth. GIR also has a strong love of Earth snacks, such as tacos, taquitos, candy, chocolate bubblegum, waffles, cupcakes, tuna, biscuits, chicken with mayonnaise, pizza, Suck Monkeys, numerous Poop products, mashed potatoes, muffins and corn. He can eat and enjoy them, even though he is a robot. Despite his sub-par disguises, GIR is actually quite good at blending in with the humans, due to his behavior and intelligence being similar to theirs. He even befriends multiple humans, all of them being teenage females. His favorite assignment from Zim is "monitoring Earth broadcasts", in other words, watching TV. When doing so, he usually watches The Scary Monkey Show, which he declares to be his "favorite show". His favorite movie is Intestines of War, which he has seen over 100 times, GIR is also very loyal to Zim, despite disobeying him often and mainly being a hindrance to his plans. GIR's brain consists of pocket lint, a paperclip, a penny, and a marble. Copyright:


GIR disguise

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