Gaz is Dib's younger sister. She is also the daughter of Professor Membrane, but, had the series continued, it would have been revealed that she and Dib are actually creations of the professor, and not his actual birth children. Though her dress style is reminiscently Gothic in appearance, she is, oddly enough, never established to be an actual Goth. Her purple hair is cubic and fashioned into five spikes, and takes on the ominous appearance of a set of jaws. Also, her eyes are almost always closed or squinting, but when they are open her eyes are an amber color. Her foul temper and love for pizza and video games makes her an unpleasant person to be near. When she isn't eating pizza or playing video games, Gaz is usually beating Dib up just for talking. Although she is typically portrayed as perpetually unhappy, her few interests have been known to coax a more positive side out of her. Like most modern children, loves to play video games on her Game Slave, and is obsessed with pizza, soda, and various other junk foods. If anyone who comes between herself and one of these things, she has a tendency to vow revenge, and make things very unpleasant for them. Throughout the show, it is demonstrated, but never actually said, that Gaz has amazing powers. Her powers includes: the ability to fix, pilot, manipulate, and in general control anything electronic, the ability to get any place she needs, the demonic ability to levitate on pure rage alone, to create fires at will, to generate spookiness in a tangible manner, etc. She, despite her demonic power, has a sort of connection to the holy.

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