The fast-talking Goo Goo Ga Ga (called Goo for short) has a hyperactive imagination and is always seen wearing her hair in three braids, with a rainbow shirt, overalls and yellow boots she walks around in. Whenever she went near Foster's, she became over-stimulated and created scores of new occupants. With her over-hyperactive imagination, she has been known to start imagining friends like crazy off of just one inspriational thought. Goo has been coming to Foster's every mouth since she was young to drop off over a dozen new friends, and during that time she ends up playing checkers the wrong way, calling Bloo "Chester", thinking Mr. Herriman was a badger, and several other insane anticts. However, Goo eventually got her imagination problem under mild control, and eventually became the boss of the Adopt-A-Thought Saturday opperation. Though she is usually seen with Bloo and Mac, Goo's best friend is Coco, for in several episodes they cause all sorts of insane mischief.

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