Granny is the owner of Tweety (and more often than not, Sylvester and Hector the Bulldog). Granny is a generally good-natured, widowed woman who is extremely protective of her beloved canary, Tweety. Her's overprotectiveness becomes apparent whenever Tweety is threatened. Although having the appearance as a kindly old woman, she has demonstrated her cleverness in many cartoons. Granny is a elderly, old-fashioned spinster who wears spectacles, a gray bun and a late 19th-century-like schoolmarm dress; other old-fashioned characteristics include her mode of transportation (usually, a Ford Model T or a horse and buggy) and her inability to relate to present fads (such as her telling Tweety she's about to try on a new "bikini bathing suit", which turns out to be a full one-piece outfit from the turn-of-the-20th century). As Sylvester the Cat, is always attempting to eat her pet bird, Tweety, in a general cartoon Granny's role is to foil all Sylvester's attempts to achieve said goal. Granny stops all Sylvester's increasingly elaborate schemes by being many steps ahead of him, as well as turning the tables on him, whenever Sylvester believes he is tricking her, she is really fooling him into a trap, often which ending with Granny bashing him repeatedly with he umbrella.


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