K-9 is a green cartoon Martian dog, who is the assistant, sidekick and pet of Marvin the Martian. K-9 premiered in the short Haredevil Hare, where he and his owner Marvin tried to thwart Bugs Bunny, who had stumbled on the pair's plans to destroy the Earth. He is given his first speaking role in this short, seeming quite unintelligent and gullible. That changes in later shorts where K-9 carries an air of superiority over his owner. K-9 wear's a helmet, a skirt and two pair's of shoes all similar to Marvin's. K-9 is a reserve troop in the Martin army, and posesses the ability to turn his feet around to walk backwards and many other strange Martin abilitys. His main job is to obey Marvin and help him blow up the Earth so it no longer abstructs the Martin's view of Veuns. K-9 proves to be very loyal to Marvin, following his orders with slutes and never questions, but wheather or not he succeeds depends on his intelligence, which seems to vary per short. K-9 also can talk yet tends to communicate with Marvin in formal written notes.


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