Keef is a small Reject boy with a tuft of red hair on his head. He has large emerald green eyes and pale skin. He wears a light blue shirt with a rainbow print. He also wears black shoes and dark cyan pants. Keef is overly attached and becomes obsessed with Zim after becoming his friend to the point were he follows the disguised alien everywhere and intrudes his home, believing that he would not mind the intrusion. Like most humans, he is rather oblivious and gullible, as seen when did not understand when Zim told him that "he has fulfilled his purpose" he was not at all suspicious when GIR talked to him when he was supposed to be a dog. He seems to care for Zim, deciding to throw a party for him after he believed he was actually sick. Throughout the series it is shown that Keef is a creepy obsessive stalker!

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