King Cobra is the alias of one of Billy and Mandy's fellow elementary school students, a large boy with blond hair. In the school, 'King Cobra' has the social status of a nerd. In his debut episode, 'King Cobra' is a member of the Secret Snake Club; in the Secret Snake Club, 'King Cobra' is really just his codename. Along with his fellow 'snake nerds'--'Wiggly' and 'Viper'--'King Cobra' seeks the destruction of all the cool kids in the school, as the none of them are cool. To achieve this, they seek to summon "Shnissugah", a supposed patron and protector of Nerds just like themselves. Of the group he is the very strange freaky one, with very few speaking lines, who dose the most random wakky things. His singing voice sounds an awful lot like Bob Dylan's singing voice.

King Cobra
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