Li'l Sneezer, based on the classic animated mouse Sniffles from the Looney Tunes shorts, is a young, gray male mouse who wears a diaper. Sneezer is an adorable baby mouse who explodes with horrendously loud, hurricane-force sneezes and seems to be allergic to many things. He can blow the leaves off trees, the stripes off zebras and topple buildings like dominoes with one of his mighty blasts. Sneezer is very hyper and likes to talk a lot (the latter being similar to Sniffles' later appearances). When Sneezer is not sneezing, he's babbling endlessly about practically nothing, as his incessant chatter drives other characters up the wall. He's an inquisitive mouse with a million questions. Sneezer addresses everyone older than him as an adult, therefore, he refers to the other characters as "Ma'am" or "Mister." Sneezer is also shown to be very skillful with a saxophone, claiming that, "I also play bar mitzvahs."

Li'l Sneezer
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