Louie is one of the Lemming brothers. The Lemmings are quadruplet brothers that are teal-colored and black eyed lemmings. their names are Larry, Louie, Leonard, and Liniment. Not only due all their names start with "L", but the second letters are all different vowels. Yet the weirdest thing about them is probably the fact they have two sets of parents "Mr. & Mrs. & Mr. & Mrs. Lemming", the reason for this is because they really aren't brothers they are all half brothers one from each of the four different combo of parents. Like lemmings, they'll follow one another, even to the point of running into a tree together. They seem to play amongst themselves quite often, as we see them playing on a seesaw, two-on-two style, and they danced amongst themselves during a dance party hosted by Lazlo. They're often in the background carrying odd objects which are incongruous with the plot, and often tell really good jokes and stories to the other campers, and while their is no apperent physical difference between the brothers, their is a difference in regards to their voices and personalites.

Louie Lemming
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