Marie Kanker is the middle sibling of the Kanker Sisters (older than May but younger than Lee). She has short blue hair that covers her right eye regardless of whether her hair is dyed or not. She is in love with Edd, and many times he has been victim of the extreme love she has for him. She will often demonstrate extreme anger and jealousy whenever another girl wins his affection. She is knowledgeable in automobiles, and speculated she is able to fix vehicles on her own. She most commonly wears a black tank-top that halts right above her bare stomach, a pink belt, and green non-camouflaged BDU pants. Her overall appearance allows one to believe she is into the rock music genre. She is often shown as relatively, somewhat, crafty and sneaky. Her teeth are an ominous amber. She wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts for bed. Marie appears to have a slight rural Midwestern accent.


Marie Kanker

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