is a small and seemingly almighty mynah bird. He has a blank emotionless face as well as personality, and he always walks in a quite hypnotic to the tune of a Zairean song called "Fear the Mynah Bird". Minah played a major role in every Inki cartoon short and has made several small appearances in Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Tweety's High Flying Adventure. Minah in all cases appears in the middle of a conflict and proceeds to resolve it in his own unique way. Everything in the jungle is terrified of Minah apart from Inki and lions due to them being unaware of his reputation. In the shorts Minah always makes a huge, intimidating entrance which he doesn't seem to live up to having a small and non-intimidating appearance but he dose live up to it in his abilities. Minah always gets in the middle of a conflict and causes physical pain to both sides (the amount of pain received is consistent to the size of their part in the conflict). Minah's abilities include escaping in a maze of holes, disappearing into thin air, reappearing out of seemingly anywhere whenever and wherever it is least expected or most convenient, and making other thing disappear and reappear. Minah also deliverers the pain personally through off-screen and sometimes on-screen violence, it is true Minah cannot be defeated in a physical fight for he has regularly given brutal beatings to dogs, lions, and in one case a 28 ton dinosaur in all his cartoons. always coming out completely unharmed.

Minha Bird

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