Mindy is a sweet, innocent, adorable, yet crazy little girl, who is always getting into all kinds of dangerous situations. Her signature outfit includes a white t-shirt, purple knee-length overalls, white ankle-length socks and black Mary Janes. Mindy, upon seeing a moving object of her desire, finds some way out of her harness when her mom is not looking and goes running after said thing. Throughout the chase she is met with, yet is completely unaware of, all types of horrible impending dangers in the environments she wanders into. If it was not for her loving dog Buttons (who chases her trying desperately to save her) she would have been a goner long ago. Mindy is a cute little three or four year old girl with blond hair and extremely inattentive parents. Her mother leaves her all alone with Buttons all the time, for a large variety of stupid or ironic reasons. Often during a chase, Mindy will try asking grown-ups questions, and for every answer they gave, she would ask "Why?", get another answer, and then ask "Why?" again, this persists until the adult becomes fed up with her, where upon she'll say her signature line, "Okay, I love you, bye-bye," and leave. Mindy refers to her mother as "Lady", no matter how many times she is told "It's Mom" and not to call her that, she also calls anyone else she talks to "Mr. Man". Despite wandering into all kinds of dangers, Moving Trains, Construction sites, etc, Mindy always ends up exactly where her mother leaves her at the start of the skit, having narrowly avoided death a half dozen times, while the heroic (and severely battered) Buttons gets berated for some minor damage he or Mindy causes (e.g. trampling a flower bed) while trying to keep Mindy alive, of course her mother having no knowledge of this only lectureds Buttons for his heroism.

Mindy Animaniacs
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