Mindy is the average popular girl: snobby, spoiled, and an airhead. She has her own clique of friends and is Mandy's worst nemesis. Mindy is the average spoiled girl. She is described to be mean, snobby, air headed, and very, very, popular. She is also described as bossy when she keeps insulting her fellow cheerleaders during practice. But, there is a softer side to Mindy when she cried after Mandy took her place as head cheerleader. This also shows that she can easily be prone to jealousy. Mindy is known to be one of the smartest girls in class, but Mandy is shown to be a lot smarter. Mindy is also known to be one of the prettiest girls in the whole school since she wins the Sour Lemon Beauty Pageant every year. She also gets everything she wants from her very rich father. Mindy also shows her diabolical side when she manipulates Grim into becoming popular. However, she actually wanted to get back at Mandy for doing something to her many years ago. When Mindy moved next door to Mandy, she wanted to be friends. The only thing was that Mindy talked too much. Mandy rejected her and Mindy decided that she would have revenge.

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