Mugsy is a extremely dimwitted, stereotypical 1940's Bank Robbing Gangster. One of the classic duo gangster pair "Rocky and Mugsy", Mugsy is a large, tall man who generally wears a yellow collar shirt, black bow-tie, brown pants, black shoes, a poorly fitting brown jacket, and a small brown hat. He talks in a dimwitted, old-timey mobster accent. Mugsy is Rocky's partner-in-crime, though Rocky, being the far more intelligent of the pair, is clearly the leader. The two are notorious criminals and are wanted for country-wide bank robbery. Mugsy works for Rocky as his get-away driver, and general thug. He is large but stupid and, although loyal to Rocky, is often the target of the former's violent temper- despite his size, Mugsy doesn't seem to be as proficient a fighter as Rocky, though it could be that his loyalty to Rocky prevents him from actually fighting back. In addition to this loyalty, Mugsy's job as a goon includes doing whatever Rocky tells him, as well as being elbowed and told "Shut Up" nearly every time he tries to speak, and often having to literally button his own mouth shut.


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