Nergal is a black mutant monster from the Center of The Earth who has snake like tentacles growing form his back. These tentacles can electrify people and act as extra arms. He wears a red and black business suit. Nergal is often seeking friendship, but is typically unsuccessful. Nergal later married Billy's Aunt Sis. After a string of unsuccessful attempts to woo Sis, it was Billy's backfired attempt to sabotage Nergal's and Sis' date that won Sis over, thus making Nergal Billy's maternal uncle by marriage. Nergal has one son, named "Nergal Jr." What Nergal desires most is having friends, once stating that it is quite lonely in the center of the world. He is generally considered something of a loser and he often becomes histrionicover his failings. Nergal's character is most likely based to at least some degree off of the Sumerian God of the same name. Nergal was the Sumerian ruler of the Underworld, and god of the dark aspects of the Sun [which could take away life, especially since Sumeria was situated in what is today the Middle East, which is a desert region].

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