Nurse Leslie is a male pink nurse shark and is Camp Kidney's nurse. He tends to all the campers' ailments and issues excuses when necessary, though it is very apparent that he hates his job and doesn't like dealing with the Bean Scouts. He's usually seen with a cup of coffee in his hand and a rather bored expression on his face. Nurse Leslie sits in his stool at all times to the point where his leg muscles had atrophied; when Leslie tries to stand on his feet, his legs crumble. O'Hare reasoned that, in Murray's words, "that doctor’s never seem to get up from their stools. Only scoot themselves around the examining room." Nurse Leslie also dose not take much pride in his work often barley paying attention to his work and putting forth none of his metical career or effort in general when diagnosing things. He knows a good deal about First Aid, but is often too bored or distracted to do a proper job. For example, when Lazlo had a leech on his head the x-ray clearly showed the leech drinking Lazlo's blood, but Nurse Leslie still told Lazlo it looked fine to him. Though he is confident in his work and has been shown helping sick campers on many occasions. Though he dose also have a tendency to get over worked and stressed, once to the point where the only thing he could hear was that tacky waiting room music in his infirmary. He can't stand the waiting room's music and doesn't know the source of it in order to shut it off.


Nurse Leslie
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