Person to Bunny is a 1959 Merrie Melodies Bugs Bunny cartoon (released on April 2, 1960). It stars Bugs BunnyDaffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd. The cartoon is posthumous because Arthur Q. Bryan died before the release of the cartoon.


In his Hollywood home Bugs Bunny is being interviewed on the TV show "People to People" with Cedric R. Burrows (a knock-off of the Edward R. Murrow series, Person to Person). As Bugs is interviewed, Daffy Duck shows up. Seeing that Bugs is being interviewed, Daffy decides to get in on the action, but Bugs doesn't want to interfere and puts him out. Burrows asks how Bugs has outsmarted Elmer Fudd over the years and Bugs answers that is far from clever and notoriously stupid. Elmer is watching the program at home and upon hearing Bugs remarks about him gets angry and decides to come to the interview.

Elmer comes over and Bugs stops the interview to settle with Elmer while Daffy sings aTed Lewis song to Mr. Burrows. Elmer gives Bugs a chance to apologise for calling him stupid or get shot, but Bugs puts a carrot in the gun and it backfires on him. Elmer puts his rifle through a crack in the door and Bugs tricks Daffy into thinking its a TV camera. Elmer shoots Daffy leaving him with a bent beak and feathers missing. Daffy is now jealous of Bugs and thinking that being a rabbit was what Bugs did to be famous, starts mocking Bugs with a rabbit suit eating a carrot and says that anyone can do what he does. Then Elmer comes back and starts shooting and chasing Daffy thinking he is Bugs. Daffy points to Bugs and Elmer chases Bugs outside. In Bugs' absence, Daffy decides to do a song and dance number for Mr. Burrows.

Outside, Bugs outsmarts Elmer by spinning him around in a log near a cliff so Elmer always comes out the cliff end of the log. Elmer gets confused and stays in the log panting while Bugs goes back to his interview. Back home, Bugs decides to get rid of Daffy by letting him be on TV. Bugs mentions to Daffy that there will be 40 million people watching the show. When Daffy hears this, he gets stage fright and faints. Bugs fans Daffy and tells Burrows: "Good Night, Mr. Burrows".


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