Professor Membrane is the father of Dib and Gaz, but he has very little time for his offspring, being one of the most famous and important people on Earth. The Professor, as he is often called, is rarely at home, so he supervises his kids in the form of a floating monitor, which often spews out pre-recorded reminders that are often out-of-date. Despite his parenting skills seeming Missing In Action, he loves his kids, making time once a year for dinner together and always remembering to activate the food monitor. However, Membrane is somewhat ashamed of his son's belief in the paranormal, refusing to call it a "proper" science. However, he believes Dib's obsession is just a phase, or "temporary insanity", that Dib will grow out of, and allows his son to do as he pleases, to an extent. On occasion, Membrane is so preoccupied with work that he fails to recognize his own kids. Membrane seems to have incredible power, when he blasts open the back door with a laser fired from his glove. Professor Membrane also has a never-ending quest to destroy Santa Claus. Membrane is based on many real-life scientists and inventors, such as Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking. He has a science TV show similar to Bill Nye the Science Guy, which requires the people in the audience to pass several tests just to sit and watch. He is somewhat of a celebrity, Professor Membrane's appearance has not developed much since he was a little kid, other than his increased height. Dib looks a bit like Membrane, as they both had similar scythe hair styles and black hair.

Professor Membrane
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