Road-Runner is a speedy, slender, blue and periwinkle roadrunner who continually frustrates Wile E. Coyote's efforts to catch him. Road-Runner, fleet-footedly races along the highways of the Southwestern U.S. desert in which he lives, his legs and feet moving so fast  that they form a wheel-like blur. Road-Runner can run at a steady pace of 276 mph, though can easily break Wile E.'s sprite with a short but immense burst of speed that produces a wind current so powerful, it reshapes large metal structures he runs by, often leaving Wile E. in shock. Since Wile E. obviously can't simply catch catch him, he usually resorts to elaborate traps. However Road-Runner has proven on very many occasions to be both more clever and intelligent than Wile E.. Roads-Runner is defined as uncatchable, due to Wile E. Coyote's complete inability to catch him. When Wile E.'s failure is not caused by a major flaw in his plan or the trap itself, it is caused by Road-Runner's innate ability to always be one step ahead of him. Whether he foiles him utizaling his supeior wits (through surprising him through doing things he did not expect), or the ulternate laws of gravity and matter the desert seems to have. Despite the amount of pain Wile E. suffers through direct cause of him, Road-Runner is never the aggressor, and despite his intelligence he always shows bemusement at Wile E. Coyote's misfortunes. Road-Runner speaks mainly in sound effects, and usually lets out the sounds of "meep, meep" or "beep, beep", and giveing a taunting raspberry. When Wile's plans depend on Road-Runner obeying a street sign, he will ignor it completely, then come back with a perfactly written sign, ironicly claming "Roadrunner's  can't read."

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