Sedusa is a young, beautiful mistress of disguise and seductress who uses her feminine wiles to influence men to do her bidding. She has paste-white skin and black hair with red highlights that writhe in all directions, and wears an almost completely red outfit: long gloves and thigh-high boots, leotard, red fishnet stockings and black pantyhose she wears under the fishnets. She speaks in a harsh, angry voice when the girls reveal her true form, and in a soft, materialistic voice when around the men she is influencing. Sedusa is a selfish evil master jewel thief, totally bend on stealing riches, no matter whose heart she has to break. She will disguise herself as one of her alter-egos, and use her false kindness and charm to bend men onto her side, usually to get into a position of power. Such as when she seduced the Professor into being bad to his girls, or when she seduced the Mayor of Townsville. Sedusa also has the power of Hair Manipulation, she can use her hair to fight by working them ass very strong, ever extending tentacles, she can also use her hair to whip an incredibly sticky hair gel to immobilize her adversary. Sedusa is meant to be a parody of Medusa, the gorgon from Greek mythology with snakes for hair, who turns people to solid stone when they look at her.


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