Simon the Monster Hunter is the main antagonist in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, he is driven by obsession and a genuine desire to capture the monsters so as to prove to the world that monsters are real. Simon is one of only a very small number of human adults who knows of the existence of monsters and is considered completely insane by both human and monster alike, which he most likely is, considering the extreme lengths he goes to in his fanatical crusade. These lengths include staking out the dump all night disguised as trash, scheduling lectures and television appearances to show "evidence" and attempt to gain funding, and building High-tech traps and robots to catch the monsters, (showing he is actually intelligent with robotics). Although he is still never able to catch a monster, always due in part to his own stupidity. Simon’s determination to prove that monsters exist has since become an obsession. He wears a thick-collared jacket and glasses. Although the world at large doesn't believe they exist, Simon has devoted his entire life to expose real monsters... if it's the last thing he ever does! His encounters with Ickis and the other students at The Gromble's school have only strengthened his resolve, despite his constant failures to successfully carry out any of his schemes. Simon remains one of the monsters most devious foes, but like any human, he can be greatly influenced by a good scare.

Simon The Monster Hunter

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