Slowpoke Rodriguez is “the slowest mouse in all Mexico” and the cousin of Speedy Gonzales. , who is known as the fastest. He speaks in a slow, lazy voice and, and moves even more slowly. He seems to be scared by nothing except for maybe being hungry. And he is always hungry! He has droopy, red eyes, slurred speech and is famed for singing the song “La Cucaracha” in a very slow, lazy, slurred and half asleep manner. Despite his slow moving feet, Slowpoke manages to take on Sylvester the cat and other kitties with bad intentions in all of his cartoon appearances, explaining to his cousin Speedy that he may be “slow in the feet” but not in “la cabeza”. He speaks in a monotone voice and seems to never be surprised by anything. While he is the slowest mouse in all of Mexico he has been shown to have certain other more extreme methods of protecting himself, such as being armed with a gun. To Sylvester and Speedy’s surprise, Slowpoke Rodriguez demonstrates powers of mind control (the other mice call it the “evil eye”) over Sylvester that turn Sylvester into his servant.

Slowpoke Rodriguez

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