Sweetie is a young, pink female canary with a blue bowed ribbon in her hair. She attends ACME Looniversity and lives in ACME Acres. Her mentor and favorite teacher is Tweety. Sweetie's pink coloring, devious grin, and somewhat mean-spirited personality seem to be a throwback to Tweety's early appearances. Sweetie's personality tended toward behaving in an amiable manner, but was prone to a mischievous streak when dealing with her main enemy and longtime pursuer, Furrball the cat. Sweetie is voiced similarly to comedian Judy Tenuta: speaking in a liquid trill followed by a throaty screech (when excited). Her voice rises to a deeper, more sadistic tone when she is about to harm, eat, or squash something or someone. Her voice can quickly go from sweet to tough as nails. Sweetie constantly outsmarts the predatory Furrball by making him look bad in front of his usually sweet-tempered owner, to the point of his eviction from the apartment. Completely sweet, yet totally diabolical, our sleepy-eyed baby hatchling is somewhat of a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

Sweetie Bird
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