Tak is a female Irken and one of the main antagonists of Invader Zim. Her main goal is to take Zim's "mission" because Zim had ruined her training as an Invader. Vicious and determined, she is more focused on trying to gain for herself an honorable title as an Invader than revenge; Zim just happens to be in the way of getting it. Despite her repeated assertions, she does show an inordinate amount of anger and bitterness toward Zim. Fifty years prior, Zim accidentally caused a blackout, trapping Tak inside her room. This caused her to miss her audition as an invader and be put into a janitorial squad to do hard labor on Planet Dirt for the duration of seventy Earth years before she could retake the examination. Tak has dark purple eyes and square-curled antennae. However, she also has some rather distinctive features that make her stand out from ordinary Irkens. One is an implant in her head that possesses limited mind-altering abilities, such as mind control and erasing memories. However, it only works on the simple-minded. The other notable feature is her custom purple and pink uniform. It resembles a tailcoat in the back and has a small insignia on the front. Her boots are steel-toed and buckled, she also has a black beauty mark under her left eye, a crosshatched mouth, and speaks in a British accsent. Tak's defining characteristics are that she's vindictive, wild, mysterious and rather cunning. She's shown to have a far more advanced disguise than the actual invaders, choosing a hologram over a paper-thin disguise, and taking advantage of the population's obliviousness. It is very clear that she is a more-than-capable Invader. Oftentimes her behavior is misread by audiences as denial of wanting revenge. However, the suffering she inflicts on Zim before revealing herself can be interpreted as not just a joy but a means to throwing him off-track while she constructed an enormous magma pump disguised as a Deelishus Weenie stand. She states that she doesn't want revenge, but to claim what's rightfully hers. In other words, she should have been an invader instead.



Tak disguise

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