The French Narrator, is a male narrator with a heavy French accent who speaks at the beginning, and sometimes middle and end, of most SpongeBob episodes. He is based on Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the world-famous sea-life expert, and film maker who died in 1997. The French Narrator narrates the episode in a similar method and style to that of a nature documentary, often explaining the surroundings in a majestic manner to provide introduction, and in some cases, directly giving an introduction. The French Narrator is also used to introduce SpongeBob SquarePants Specials, as well as their host Patchy the Pirate, in a quite comedic manor. He helps move the story along be stating the passage of time through the use of 'Time Cards'. These Time Cards are also used as comedic site gags, they can be ironic, use nonexistent units of time, or even be a joke about the Narrator quitting and being replaced with a narrator who has a British accent.


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