The Gremlin is a small green Gremlin, a pesky creature and constant bane to pilots. He is a small ugly-green colored ghoul, with a large pink nose, wing on the sides of his head, and a tail resembling the the rear fins of an airplane. He wears a blue goggle-cap (commonly used by pilots in the World War era), and red mechanic gloves. The Gremlin speaks in a rather calm, shaky voice resembling that of an elderly man, though their is a running gag where upon his opponent realizing he is a Gremlin, he will sneek up and scream at the top of his lungs in his ear , "WELL IT AIN'T WENDELL WILLKIE!" Like all Gremlins, his ultimate goal is to bring down airplanes, usually by means of "Diabolical Sabotage." As well as having the ability to fly, The Gremlin is both extremely violent and witty. He regularly clocks those whom oppose him large monkey wrenches, and push them out of a airborn plane. A mischievous trickster, he has perfact timing to make sure his adversary's can't stop him, often by either leading them into a trap to keep them busy, fleeing the scene while their distracted, or even tricking them into helping him for a breef moment (to which they usually respond by shouting "WHAT AM I DOING!"). He is one of the few characters to successfully defeat Bugs Bunny.
The Gremlin

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