Trykie is a is a pink and white tricycle, posessed by an evil force. He was manufactured in 1890's Pittsburgh, and was owned by an insane demonic little boy whom Trykie is know haunted by. Trykie was given to Billy by the ghost of that boy with the promise he will love it Forever, and ever, and ever (& ever). Afterwards people taunted and bullied Billy for riding a Pink Tricyle, which forces the revenge-crazed Trykie to take matters into his own hands by means of tracking down the persecutors and psychopathically beating them to the point of hospitalization sometimes leaving them permentaly disfigured. Trykie was twice distroyed in the series but his posession is shown to give him the ability to fix himself and return. A theme music similar to Tinker Toys plays in some of his scenes. He has the mark of the beast which is apparently a brand logo for BeastRider MAX. Trykie is a reference to the car in Steven King's Christine.
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