Tweety is a yellow canary that has a somewhat large head and unknown age. He is an innocent cutesy bird, however he sometimes shows a malicious side. While sweet, he has shown more than once he can be a very aggressive character who tries anything to foil his foe, even kicking his enemy when their down. Such as when he states "Awww, the poor kitty cat! He faw down and go BOOM!!", after which he grins mischievously. Tweety is very well known for his speech impediments. One of Tweety's most noticeable is that /s/, /k/, and /g/ are changed to /t/, /d/, or (final s) /θ/; for example, "pussy cat" comes out as "puddy tat". He begins the cartoon singing his famed song, "I'm a tweet wittow biwd in a gilded cage; Tweety'th my name but I don't know my age. I don't have to wuwy and dat is dat; I'm tafe in hewe fwom dat ol' putty tat." Tweety's cartoons follow this general formula. The hungry Sylvester wanting to eat the bird, but some major obstacle stands in his way – usually Granny or her bulldog Hector. Tweety saying his signature lines "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!" and "I did! I did taw a puddy tat!" Sylvester spending the entire film using progressively more elaborate schemes or devices to capture his meal. Of course, each of his tricks fail, either due to their flaws or, more often than not, because of intervention by other characters, or after Tweety steers the enemy toward them or another device. Tweety appears to be an innocent little bird. But although he seems naïve, he is clever enough to constantly outsmart Sylvester. Tweety lives in a birdcage located in Granny's house. Granny is protective of Tweety and keeps Sylvester away from her prized bird.Tweety and Sylvester are always after each other. Sylvester is constantly trying to eat Tweety, and the yellow canary, in turn, is usually avoiding him with ease. Although Sylvester has laid hands on Tweety on some occasions, he has never succeeded in eating the canary. Especially when Tweety is under the care of Granny, Sylvester cannot successfully outwit his opponent.

Tweety Pie