Waffle is an American Curl cat with long, dog-like ears and a long tail. He is a gray color with blue stripes around his long tail and on his left ear. He is a free spirit who is overly optimistic, he often shouts "Splee!" or "Woo Hoo!" when happy and gets super-excited about all things silly. Waffle is extremely giddy, dumb, cute, funny, enthusiastic and can be a bit of an idiot savant. He lives totally in the moment, and he loves his pet newts. He's an optimist, and he's also easily entertained by even the most insignificant events. Waffle is known for being a sort of wildcard, often saying or doing random, strange and insane things. He is obsessed with Root Beer, and wishes roller coasters were public transportation. Waffle is the brother of Mr. Blik and Gordon, and is very gullible, easily being tricked or talked into things, and is also quite clueless. Though this cluelessness is the source of most of his jokes, as this causes him to say humorous puns out of sheer ignorance, and be comedicaly annoying. Other interesting facts about him are that he can speak Newtuguese (a language supposedly spoken by newts) and loves revolving doors, fingers, bubble wrap, Root Beer and newts.

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